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FIFA 17 [Xbox One] Where is your LEGENDS ?

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BREAKING NEWS ! BeSt Tournament merges with EGO
FRANÇAIS /// INFORMATIONS ! Belgium E-Sport Tournament (BEST) et l’European Gamin...
Qualified for the final CSGO ESWC Benelux !
The qualifications for the finals of the ESWC Benelux were played this weekend and we are ...
FIFA 17 European Cup par EGO : Update du planning
Les 15 et 16 Octobre prochains, la FIFA17 European Cup se déroulera dans nos locaux. Nomb...
FIFA 17 European Cup by EGO : schedule upate
The upcoming 15th and 16th of October, the FIFA17 European Cup will be held in our gaming ...
EGO Announces Belgium ESWC 2016 FIFA 17 Qualifier
EGO Announces BELGIUM ESWC 2016 FIFA Qualifier European Gaming organisation, Belgium...
FIFA 17 European CUP by EGO
We are very pleased to announce you our first event on FIFA 17, the FIFA 17 European CUP. ...

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FIFA 17 - Urban Lan (PS4)
European Gaming Organisation is presenting the FIFA Urban Lan on PS4. It will take place in the G...
R6S - Urban Lan Xbox One
English version : We are pleased to announce you our first ever Rainbow Six Siege Urban Lan ! ...